15 Things to always bring on an Airplane

From the time I started traveling with my parents, to traveling for Foreign Affairs every other month, to traveling regularly with my child. These are 15 things I have never boarded an airplane without.

  1. A huge scarf/wrap – my favourite are wool blankets by Wilfred. They are soft, easy to wash, and a great price point. My Mother’s trick, was always to wear one, and bring an extra for warmth. It saved me many times when luggage was lost, and I landed in a country for a meeting. All I did was iron it, and put it back on me, and voila, I was ready to go again.


2. Proper pants – skip the sweatpants!! I went through a phase, where I wore lululemon sweat pants onto the plane and put a pair of wool trousers on my carry on, so I could change for landing. It was a grossly unattractive look, comfortable, put an awkward move (changing on an airplane is next to impossible). Although they were great for comfort, they were never used again after that. They were horrible to wash in a pinch in the hotel room. They attracted every bit of lint and static, and once they stretched out, I couldn’t wear them again. Then I began to find various version’s of these pants, but different brands. This brand, Anatomie, although an investment, is flattering, functional, and wow, can I say flattering yet again. I love these pants, mostly because they don’t have a zip front, because that zip front is unflattering for the little plane belly I get.



3. Proper shoes – I am a huge fan of Adidas, it might have to do with the fact that I was a big Run DMC fan way back in the day. I love that these classic white court shoes are back in style, mind you, they were never out of style for me, I have had the same pairs for years and years. They are my favourite travel companion! My Father once told me, never wear heels on a flight, and never take off your shoes for the bathroom gets disgusting. Yeah, so I wear these, no regrets, ok, maybe one when I showed up to a meeting in them!

4. Organizing Pouches – I love these Pouch sets from Lesportsac, they keep my bag organized. I use the smallest one for a few cosmetic necessities and hand sanitizer. The size is perfect for all your liquids, as it fits the amount you are legally allowed to carry on to the airplane. Lesportsac materials are so light, they don’t add to the weight of all the stuff you have to lug around.

5. Noise Cancelling earphones! over the years, I have used earplugs, various earphones and these are pretty brilliant. Having Noise cancelling earphones are essential on a plane. My son has been taught to just tap us to get our attention. These actually make the long flight more peaceful.


6. Tech Organizing Envelope– I have to keep track of a lot, especially now that I travel a great deal with not only my electronics, but my son’s. I love this envelope to keep cords, phone, kindle all together. Keeping things organized and easily accessible is key to a stress free trip.


7. Water Bottle! Everyone will point to prettier bottles, but you know, I have been using the same 1L bottle from Nalgene for a long time. I have tried the collapsible ones, fancier ones, but they simply suck. Every airport has water fountains once you get to your gate. 1L keeps you hydrated enough along with taking water from the flight attendants. Keep it simple people, don’t go fancy on this.

8. Merino Wool T-shirt – ok, so here it is. NEVER TRAVEL WITH COTTON. It is simply the most useless material. It will not keep you cool or warm when traveling. stains really easily, is impossible to wash and dry on the fly. Choose a simple merino wool t-shirt that fits beautifully and can be dressed up or down in a pinch. I love the ones from Icebreaker, they have a great selection and always come in a variety of styles and colours. I have 2 that I have had for 7 years, and they have been fashion lifesavers!


9. Blazer – When traveling for work, I often travel with a wool blazer. Not something I throw on when I am traveling with my child. A good wool blazer can be thrown over anything, can be layers with a scarf, and can double as something warm on a cool night. A good blazer will last you a lifetime, and will be travel well for business trips.



10. Lip balm – I never leave home without lip balm. I try to keep it simple, but after going to Asia 2x, I started using Blistex again. Mostly for the healing powers of dried lips, but also for the spf.

11. Baby wipes – this people, is something I will never be able to leave home without! I have been stuck in airports, had lost luggage, been sick traveling…the powers of the baby wipe are endless. From cleaning off makeup, to freshening up, wiping puke off of shoes, to cleaning a child… seriously, everyone needs to travel with these.

12. Hand Sanitizer – let’s just describe the horrors of an airplane washroom with no soap… you get the picture.



13. A bag o treats – snacks, it is all about the snacks. I have never traveled without my own snacks, I have always brought protein bars, nuts, and various dehydrated snacks. My favourite backup of all time is not the healthiest, but it has been a great companion in an emergency, especially with my son. Don’t judge until you have been stuck in an airport during a storm when nothing is open…

14. Travel Pillow – this is kinda personal in terms of which one you love best. I can’t get on a plane without one. There is nothing worse than sitting sandwiched between people, and not being able to get comfortable.


15. Cream – When I discovered Body Shop in my teens, I would beg my Father to bring creams back for me when we were living abroad. I would put body butters in a tiny container and bring it on the plane to slather on my dried hands and eyes. When I was travelling and pregnant, I would slather it all over my belly. Now, put it all over my son’s dry hands…

Have a safe and fun trip,

Dip Kid


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2 thoughts on “15 Things to always bring on an Airplane”

  1. I also like the cheap/free slippers from hotel rooms that weigh nothing but can be slipped on easily for a trip to the bathroom without forcing bloated feet back into your shoes.

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