Month: July 2015


My Mother casually while putting on her makeup said “we are heading out this weekend for work, you can stay at the neighbours.” I looked at her, my eyes welled up. They were leaving me alone in our big house, in a country I had been calling home for a couple of years. We had …

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Stepping Out

It is a strange and rather twisted thought. The moment I realized that for over 30 years, I was attached to the Foreign Service, and had never felt like myself. The realization that the one thing I was addicted to, was actually hurting me. I never slept, I had odd reactions to simple tasks, and …

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Not many kids can say that a major part of family dinner conversation was about politics, and the right to vote. My parents were avid debaters, obviously, my Father was a pretty incredible negotiator, in fact, he was so good at it, you didn’t realize you had agreed to something until you were shaking hands, …

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The Box

It is always difficult to articulate, but with a very strange preconceived notion of what a Diplomat is defined as, and seen as by the outside world, the inner sanctum of the Diplomatic world becomes even stranger and boxed in. Here is what I grew up with: My Father was always worried about our safety …

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The Jeans

I don’t know if you remember your very first pair of jeans, but mine was pretty vivid. It all started when I was 5, I wanted to look just like my sister. She was much older and wearing awesome Levi’s that my Father purchased on a business trip. We were living in a country that, …

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