Month: August 2015

Tripped Up

Not sure what it is about Monday’s, but it amazes me just how many crazy things happen on a Monday. A long time ago, there once was a girl who had a massive crush on a boy (yes, this is in highschool). He was older, beyond cute, and made her blush and tongue-tied. One day …

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I don’t know about you, but certain songs can give me vivid flashbacks to very specific moments in my life. Just like a book that has been made into a movie (that is a whole other post), I rarely enjoy a remake of a song, and well, this song, originally by Radiohead, is one that …

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The Long Road

My husband and I have odd senses of humour. For our honeymoon, we decided to backpack and island hop some Greek islands. My colleagues at Foreign Affairs had a few giggles, mostly because they knew how exhausted we both were. We packed and hopped on an airplane. The moment our plane arrived in Rhodes, we …

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Art of Movement

SInce I was little, I have loved the ballet. The magic, the beauty, the storytelling, and the incredible art of movement. No matter what language you speak, or where you come from, dance is universal and needs no words or explanation. Via Via Maria Kochetkova in Rubies Via Via Please follow and like us:

Friday Funny

We all need a laugh at times, after all laughter is the best medicine. So an old colleague e-mailed this to me, I have not stopped laughing! This sign, just needs to be made. Please follow and like us:

From Grey to Colour

If you are anything like me, you might have felt like you have spent a lifetime in a tiny grey office. For 10 years, as I worked in various government offices, I stared at the same grey walls, grey carpet, and unattractive grey and green desk. I believe those grey walls are where all creativity …

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And today, it is humid, and sticky. The kind of day you cut up a pineapple and take a few minutes to dream in pastel’s again! You might have seen my first instalment, Pastel Love. Who wouldn’t want this girly bathroom Via Video killed the radio star….Via Ceramic pineapples, so in love with these Via Spoons Via …

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