Month: September 2015


I am not sure about you, but exploring by foot is the most satisfying experiences, and sometimes when you take the path less travelled, or maybe the wonder down a road, you find something magical. Today, we went for what was to be a short 5km hike, but somewhere in the loop we took the …

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“There are no regrets in life, just lessons.” Jennifer Aniston I seriously just want to be her friend, raid her closet and get workout tips! Please follow and like us:

Door or Art

Yes, I have a slight obsession with doors from around the world, I can’t help it! I always like to imagine who lives behind them. Venetian Door Via  Via Via Please follow and like us:


One of the funniest and sometimes the most embarrassing aspects of growing up in Asia before the online shopping was possible, was finding clothes that fit. At the age of 11, I was as tall as most of my Mother’s Filipino girlfriends, and my friends Mothers. Yup, I was not only short for my caucasian …

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If someone read my future, I never would have believed my path. To a 19-year-old, it would never had made sense. I sat in our living room, unemployed, graduated with a degree 2 years later than my pears. My live in boyfriend and I had just moved to an incredible walk up which for some …

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As my world turned black around me, grief stayed at bay for months, or at least that is what I thought (you can read Cancer’s Prey and CANCER bITES) . Tears didn’t come easily, neither did sleep. Since I had suffered from insomnia for years, I didn’t think any differently, I didn’t recognize my slow decline. …

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