Month: September 2015


If someone read my future, I never would have believed my path. To a 19-year-old, it would never had made sense. I sat in our living room, unemployed, graduated with a degree 2 years later than my pears. My live in boyfriend and I had just moved to an incredible walk up which for some …

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As my world turned black around me, grief stayed at bay for months, or at least that is what I thought (you can read Cancer’s Prey and CANCER bITES) . Tears didn’t come easily, neither did sleep. Since I had suffered from insomnia for years, I didn’t think any differently, I didn’t recognize my slow decline. …

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Cancer’s Prey

The strangest thing about having an ill parent, isn’t necessarily your anger towards the illness, but the way people treat you. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, you might want to here. During my Father’s first 5 months of his diagnosis. He had entered a new position, and was high up …

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I rarely talk about the details of this, this story will have to be in many parts. Two weeks into my first year University, my Father called. He broke the news that he was just diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer. My heart instantly shattered, my mind raced, and my breathing became erratic. …

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Dark Moment

I remember waking up and turning on the t.v, like an old habit I grew up with, the news was always what I woke up to, and had a coffee to. I watched it live, with the plane hitting the tower so quickly, and the commentator swearing on live t.v. then shortly after, the 2nd …

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