Month: October 2015

The In-betweeners

All diplomats end up with a particular specialty, my Father specialized in destabilized countries, he thrived intellectually on the chaos, the politics, and the constant ups and downs of disasters and coup attempts. Westernized safe countries, were never an option. We would be thrown from a safe community in our native country, into a country …

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The Monkey King

Growing up abroad, you tend to grow up with stories that are not from your native country. It can be difficult, as I didn’t grow up with English stories, instead, the one that sticks in my head is the Monkey King. Direct from Wikipedia “Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a main …

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You know what is hilarious, even if you aren’t into wedding dresses, you remember famous wedding dresses. So many of these were dresses were splashed on international magazines in other countries. I remember the coverage of Princess Diana’s monstrous confection being streamed live in Hong Kong! Look at Elizabeth Taylor’s Dresses, yes that is plural! …

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Which way?

Motherhood, it comes in all packages and forms, there is no wrong way, or right way, you just do, and love. It was this crazy morning I woke up after only have 2 hours of sleep, to a child that has strep, a sinus infection and has impetigo. Good combo isn’t it? I wondered, how …

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Over the years, I was taught that gold was too flashy, in the Diplomatic world, you aren’t supposed to be flashy. Naturally, I like gold, and am now a little obsessed, why not! Please follow and like us:

Fence me In

I am not sure when it set in, or how exactly it happened, but it did. Some time after my Father passed away, I started to stay in. Lead would fill my veins, panic would set in, and the outside world became terrifying. I couldn’t move to even sit outside. I stupidly returned to school …

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