Month: February 2016

Excusez Moi

Any time we moved, I dove head first into a new language and would kinda wing it. My accents were always excellent, I could mimic just about anyone and any accent. I just sucked at grammar and well, conjugation. My 9th grade French teacher was a wee bit pretentious. She somehow manged to have an …

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A drink or 4

I wish there had been more research on it when I was young, but there wasn’t anything about it, it had yet to be defined. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (of PTSD for short), is not something that only soldiers get. Those of us who have moved from one emerging conflict zone to another, are at …

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Pineapple Love

When you have lived in a tropical country for half your youth, you get kinda attached to the weirdest things. Mine seems to be the humble pineapple. I love eating them, but I also love them as decoration. Yeah, you might think I am a little odd, but I love them nonetheless! Via Via Via …

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Betty White

There is nothing like the power of laughter to get you through a rough day. I have travelled around the world, and Betty White has gone everywhere with me. No matter if she was dubbed in another language, she made me laugh, and forget where I was or what I was dealing with at the …

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I was good at forgetting the past, shaking off what I didn’t want to remember. I just couldn’t shake this, I stood paralysed, not knowing what to do. I stared at him through the glass. I never thought I would end up seeing him, I had so carefully filed these memories away. I stood frozen, …

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Books, books, books

Growing up, no book was off-limits. Reading was a kind of escape, so I love curling up in a corner and diving into a book all day. Doesn’t happen that often as a parent, but when it strikes, it is pretty glorious. On Vacation I picked up random books in the hotel, this being one …

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