Month: February 2016

Excusez Moi

Any time we moved, I dove head first into a new language and would kinda wing it. My accents were always excellent, I could mimic just about anyone and any accent. I just sucked at grammar and well, conjugation. My 9th grade French teacher was a wee bit pretentious. She somehow manged to have an …

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Pineapple Love

When you have lived in a tropical country for half your youth, you get kinda attached to the weirdest things. Mine seems to be the humble pineapple. I love eating them, but I also love them as decoration. Yeah, you might think I am a little odd, but I love them nonetheless! Via Via Via …

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Betty White

There is nothing like the power of laughter to get you through a rough day. I have travelled around the world, and Betty White has gone everywhere with me. No matter if she was dubbed in another language, she made me laugh, and forget where I was or what I was dealing with at the …

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I was good at forgetting the past, shaking off what I didn’t want to remember. I just couldn’t shake this, I stood paralysed, not knowing what to do. I stared at him through the glass. I never thought I would end up seeing him, I had so carefully filed these memories away. I stood frozen, …

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I was recently standing amongst a group of adults, and not one person wasn’t complaining. I was taught very early on, not to complain. It would make my Father livid, he would ask how would you change what you are complaining about? For years, I would argue with him, but I learned a lesson in …

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