Month: March 2016

Travel Outfits

I can’t tell you how many times I have been stumped as to what to wear traveling. You think with all of my experience I would be better at it, but nope, not at all. I like getting ideas from others! Cool travel outfit ideas Via Via   Please follow and like us:


Early on, my very proper looking parents decided that religion should be a choice, our choice. I am not sure if it was from pure laziness, or a strategic decision on their part, but there it was. I was born Anglican, yet, we were not going to be going to church at any point in …

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Travel Chic Paris

I am always telling people what to pack, but haven’t figured out how do do this kind of layout. So, Travel Chic has done it so much better. If you are heading to Paris this summer, you might want to check this out. Via Please follow and like us:

Black Walls

Black walls, I have a little thing for paint. Years in crazy residences, with rather odd colour pallets and furnitures, I now love seeing what colour can do to a room. These black walls give an amazing, deep and rich room. If the walls were completely flat, I don’t think it would give the same …

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These lovely delicacies came to me late in life. They are apparently served in the Philippines, yet the years I lived there, I never got the memo! I finally tried them in the house of my Spanish counterpart, and geez, I still can’t make them as well as she does. So, I am still in …

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