Month: April 2016

Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is probably one of the most stunning and alluring natural falls. The Canadian side is spectacular, the city however, is tacky, ugly, and can be skipped! We have been several times, but nothing amazed me more, than seeing it frozen! We saw it completely frozen over, visiting in the coldest of winters. It …

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5 New Travel Bags

Does anyone else have an obsession with bags and everything travel? Everytime I find a new bag, I have to book mark it, or pin it. Here are 5 new bags, and cool things to keep organized while traveling. The removable purse pouch, absolute genius! Via Via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:


I was 10, we were on a new posting, and my Father had just become an Ambassador. I didn’t understand what it was, or what he did, nor did I care. It was just another move, another school, new friends, new country and new language. I was having an incredibly difficult time adjusting to school, …

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First Dance

Every single move, and every single school formed very specific memories in my head. My grade 5 and 6 years were horribly lonely. I made no friends, and was severely bullied. Bullied to the point that my brother, who was in grade 12, would come down to my classroom every brake, just to make sure …

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Are you following the Diplomatic Kid on Facebook yet? I have created it as a community page, cause it should be about every Dip kid out there, no matter what country you are from. Like it, leave a message, tell a story! Please follow and like us:

Saying Goodbye

My Father, if you hadn’t already guessed, was British. Every once in a while, he had a little Whiskey, usually when tensions in a country were high, and he needed to have some thinking time. Every morning, over coffee, and getting ready for the day, my Father had the news on, whether it was on …

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