Month: May 2016

Marilyn Monroe

No matter what country I have visited, or have lived in, some how, Marilyn Monroe has been the one Hollywood’s Star that everyone seems to know. I have always found this a curious thing, I never grew up watching any of her movies, and when I finally found a  movie of hers, I wasn’t that …

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The outsider

Yesterday, I wrote about The Breakdown, this is a sort of continuation. With the last breath, that was it. Our diplomatic lives were yesterday, and now, we had to live for tomorrow. Or that was how I felt at least. My Mother on the other hand, went into full Diplomatic mode. The arranging of my …

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The Breakdown

I came in the door, my Mother looked bug-eyed, her eyes sunken, like she had been hiking in the woods for years and had no sleep or food. Her dressing gown, the silk one, she had from China was tied neatly, her hair birding, like it usually did. It was midnight, the lights were all …

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Floor Transitions

After living in some pretty odd spaces over the years, I have become rather obsessed with interesting floor transitions. There is something simple, yet unique and artistic that can come with using different floor for spaces that are open. via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:

Shot at

I had never really talked about this, it was only last week that I broke down and told my husband this story. Like most weekends in Venezuela, you go to the beach with your friends. I was picked up by a group of friends, none went to the same school. My Father knew one as …

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