Month: June 2016

Your Story

For the longest time, I hid the fact that I was a Diplomatic Kid, I was either embarrassed, or somehow people made me feel like I lived a life of privilege. I am here it say, not sure why I was ever embarrassed, as my Father is one of my hero’s, and I definitely didn’t …

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It’s all about Doors

My obsession with doors continues, this time, vibrant and bright doors, making me imagine the lives and history behind each! For more door love, check out Door or Art, Doors and of course Door #3, Via Via Via via Please follow and like us:

The Golden Arches

When your first 7 years of your life are either in a communist country, where food is scarce, or in a country where you are perpetually sick because it is so dirty, food is not exactly something you get excited about. After living in Mexico city for 3 years, and being sick with EVERYTHING, known …

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When I started this blog, I was fortunate to have saved every journal in my life. Which has guided my pieces on experiences in my past. Since I was a kid, I have journaled, chronicling the happy times, the culture shock and the crazy travels. I think it is important to journal, and to be able …

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Diplomatic Immunity – it is one of the first things I hear every single time I tell someone about one of my childhood experiences “Well, if something goes wrong, you always have diplomatic immunity…” By the time I was 11, my Father had already started drilling into me the consequences of doing or carrying drugs …

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I am switching things up today, and sharing a few photos one of my favourite places in the world. This is Maduradam in the Netherlands. It is a miniature village, nestled in the Hague. We visit this little attraction every single time we head to the Netherlands. It is absolutely brilliant, and magical. There are …

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