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I love spending a little time on Pinterest with a cup of tea, on a rainy morning, and find cool inspiration. Look at what these fantastic people did with boring stairs!! I love this, books, books, books! Via Via Via Please follow and like us:

Top 5

This weeks top 5 posts go to… The Art of Discipline Happiness The Airplane Lapdance The Truth 5 Travel Essentials Have a really great weekend everyone! Dip Kid Please follow and like us:

Fiction #7

Continued from Fiction#6 That evening I went home, packed quickly and hoped on the train. I was only going an hour out of London, what was the country, was actually a suburb now. I got off the train and took the local cab to the house. There it was, it hadn’t changed, a great big …

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Fiction #6

continuation from Fiction #5 I had run for an hour, while blasting music in my ears, the alone time at that hour was amazing. I got off, ran upstairs, and hoped into the shower, put a fresh suit on, heels, put my hair up in a bun, grabbed a bagel from the fridge and I was …

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Neck Lines

O.K. I stumbled on this, and just thought “there are that many?” If you are anything like me, and have had to wear a suit everyday for work for years, and before that, a uniform. This might be a surprise… who knew that dresses, not just wedding dresses, came in so many different necklines! Via …

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When I find a book that is this good, I must share! This is not a typical cottage light read, but is a must read regardless. As someone who often writes about PTSD, and the strangeness that is the Diplomatic Tribe. Sebastion Junger so eloquently puts a focus on the human need to be part …

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Light and colour

What happens when you have coffee for the first time in 3 years. and it is Friday night… you search Pinterest for some design inspiration. I am so in love with this fantastic white kitchen, with only a hint of colour and texture. Via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:

The Walk In

You might have noticed from a previous post, that that I have Closet Envy sometimes. Via Via O.K. so I will admit, I had one, a long time ago, in a house that did not belong to us, in a land that I still hold dear to my heart. It was gorgeous, there were double doors …

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