Month: August 2016


The end of summer is near, and I am reminded of times past. It used to be that as the summer drew to a close, I was always faced with a new country, new school and new language. The few summers I had not thinking about change, were spent visiting family. Visiting family in the …

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Having done some incredible hikes around the world, and have had a lot of trial and error when it comes to shoes (I have lost all of my toe nails at one point from ill-fitting boots), this is such a great basic how to. Please follow and like us:


I love finding these packing 101 tips via Of course, I love finding other people who do a packing layout for easy light travel. Via love this via Please follow and like us:

Phone Call

I can remember it was a cold early fall evening, my roommate and I were getting ready to go out. My roommate and I had been friends since 8th grade, we decided that since we got in the same University, but couldn’t live on campus, that we would move into an apartment off campus together. …

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One of my first bosses once said “Every diplomat has  a dragon in the doorway, the key is to know which dragon is hanging out in the doorway.” I ignored it, not understanding what he was talking about. A year into working at Foreign Affairs, I had an Assistant Deputy Minister make a comment about …

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Inspiration today

Good morning, It has been an extremely stressful week, no sleep, lots of excercise to keep my anxiety down, and extreme heat, along with a lot of hours at work. So this morning, I decided to sit and stare at my quote wall. Please follow and like us:


I wrote this a long time ago, and found it in my drafts… The recent media frenzy on 2 Canadian diplomatic boys have been haunting me. Most of us who have grown up as Dip kids are faced with the exact same impression “you are living a life of luxury.” or the diplomatic view, buck …

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High Tea

I grew up in a household with 3 Aunties who loved high tea on the weekends. The good bone china would come out, tea cups, and all the smoked salmon…I still dislike smoked salmon, but loved all the other goodies. Please follow and like us:


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