Month: October 2016


Let’s just simplify things a bit, there is a lot of information out there, but my favourite simplification is this, Anxiety is basically having too many feelings, almost like and overload of them all at once. Why is this so important to recognize? Kids suffer from anxiety more than we realize, just sit in a …

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  So, when this story broke about Donald Trump’s lewd conversation on a bus, I thought “not really surprised. just disgusted”. I just couldn’t quite put my feelings into words… But this piece, this is what all woman are thinking on this matter. This is the Vagina Monologue of all monologues. Samantha Bee uses a lot of Potty …

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self implosion

I just never knew that those lessons my Father had been teaching me would end abruptly before my 20th birthday. This is when my world, my only world, was ripped from under me. I was in University for all of 3 weeks, my parents had just been posted back to Ottawa after 3 years of …

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