Month: October 2016

Fiction #9

continued  from Fiction #8* I had never felt this new, this shiny and different I stuck out, I didn’t dress like anyone, I had a plain t-shirt and jeans on, my hair was pulled back in a bun, I hadn’t worn makeup since the service in Manila, my eyes were permanently puffy, raw and tired. …

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Let’s just simplify things a bit, there is a lot of information out there, but my favourite simplification is this, Anxiety is basically having too many feelings, almost like and overload of them all at once. Why is this so important to recognize? Kids suffer from anxiety more than we realize, just sit in a …

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Gilmore Girls

O.K is anyone else excited about this? I wanted and still want to live in Stars Hallow…the banter, the copious amounts of coffee… so, while everyone else in the world is getting their Turkey on, or getting ready for Christmas. I will be busy ignoring e-mails, phone calls, and sitting under a blanket with a …

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Itchy Feet

It is that time again, 3 years of living in one place, and I am thinking about where to live next. It begins with waking up with a sharp pang of anxiety, and the need to begin to run, and sprint, then it moves to researching new cities, or countries. It is a desperate feeling, …

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Love Muffin

The moment I woke up, the pain was spread across my abdomen and down my legs. I cried out, began to throw up and curled up on the cold bathroom floor. It was 4am, I knew I had to wait until the doctor’s office was open at 7am. My husband came in, worried, pacing, and …

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Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald was before my time, but if you grew up in Asia, her movies hit the theatres 10 years later – that is no joke. I lived in an 80’s time warp. Molly Ringwald movies played a pretty important role in my life, they were the first english speaking movies I ever watched (bootlegged …

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