Month: November 2016


  It was hot and sticky, the condensation was building on my bedroom windows quickly that water began to pool at the bottom of the windows. I could see the city outside of my windows, and the barbed wire fence around our property, were pitch black. The city was experiencing another black out. The brownouts …

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My fifth birthday arrived with much to celebrate, I remember it vividly, my Father gave me a white handmade dress he had bought on one of his many trips. My bowl cut, had the perfect sun-kissed highlights from all the running around I did, and my sunburnt cheeks would not stop smiling. I was happy, …

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Birthday Vote

I never know, should I celebrate, can I still grieve, do I hide, how does one mark this occasion? Today, would have been my Father’s 72 birthday. If he was still alive, he probably would be golfing somewhere in the world, and consulting on the side, he would never have stopped working fully, nor would …

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Deserted Island

We were all enticed by the trip of a lifetime, to play in the sand, and get some sun on a fantastic island. We packed, we organized, we coordinated with our family friends, and we headed to the airport. There it was, a small airplane, sitting on the tarmac, ready for our luggage and our …

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