Month: March 2017

Full Circle

I am not sure why I decided to say yes, it had been a struggle to get my life back on track after my Father’s death, but there I was, in the building I named “the chocolate cake” when I was a kid. The ugliest building in architectural history, a ghastly chocolate-brown building, that looked …

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Gentleman Caller

I was sitting with my door shut, working through a memo, my concentration broke when a knock came and there stood Lucy, her match silk pants and top combo, with her amazing blue and purple eyeshadow that had been carefully picked out to coordinate with her silk outfit. She smiled, showing her perfect white teeth, …

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Friday Fun: Lego

O.K. Do you like Lego? Obviously it is a yes, cause it is just fun! Check out this Instagram feed from a 6 year old kid. Check out his Instagram Feed at RUSSKULLB and follow him! Let’s see if we can help him get discovered by Lego.   Please follow and like us:


It’s hard to describe that feeling of not belonging. No matter how much you try, you don’t really fit  in with any tribe. I have tried, to find who I am, but the years of cold war spook conditioning isn’t easy to beat. My Father was a product of his time, he joined the service …

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Pineapple Squared

Yup, I am back with more Pineapple love! Remember my last 2 posts Pineapple Love, and More Pineapple love, well, I found more pineapples and they are awesome. Via  Via Via Via Please follow and like us:


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