5 New Travel Pants

O.K ladies, are you always trying to find the perfect pant to travel in? I am, which is why I have been on a quest to find the top 5 travel pants for your next trip.

The new Tilley Slim Pant, I love the quality of Tilley, I do find that their stuff either runs a bit small or big, depending on the cut. All wash beautifully, and I can never complain about the quality.
tilley pant

The Anatomie Susan Skinny Ankle Pant I am totally in love with this line of clothing! They might come at a heftier price tag, but, I have accosted a couple of women in the airport asking them where they got their stunning jacket or pants – they have all sworn by the line of clothing up and down. I have yet to try on any of their stuff, mainly because I can’t find it anywhere I live, but holy cow, if I get a chance to try any of it on, I will take you with me!!



LLbean has been around forever, and I have been buying their stuff since the beginning of time. I love this store for basic hiking gear, but I have never bought a pair of pants there, mostly because they don’t fit me body very well, and they are usually very high wasted. A girlfriend of mine bought these, she was trekking needed them for trekking around with a backpack. These are the RipStop cargo pants



So, Patagonia is one of my all time favourite brands for outdoor gear. I still have my old fleece circa 1994, and it still looks like new. What can I say, I love the brand! These are true outdoor pants, they are meant to be dressed up. The only beef I have with Patagonia, is that the legs are way too skinny. I have never been able to wear Patagonia unless I was underweight at size 2, but at size 6, my legs are just too big for them. If you have the body frame that fits these Quandary pants, you struck gold!


Want a nice pair of pants for travel, try the Pixie Pant from Jcrew! They aren’t a legging, but their not really a pant either. I love love love mine. They look fantastic on the plane, or off the plane. I love that they are stretchy, my only beef with them is the ugly zipper on the rear. It should be on the side. I cover mine up with a longer shirt for a more tailored look.




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