5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now

Every 3 years, I get itchy feet, like something is missing, and only those who have been mobile since birth understand this very odd feeling, like I am supposed to move again. Instead of moving, we are setting our sights on visiting every country in the world. Gotta have goals.

1.Here is the thing, don’t wait until retirement to hit that travel button, because in all honesty, you don’t know if you will ever make it to retirement healthy, mobile and happy. My Father passed away at 51, he had been on every continent, watched history from the front row, and passed on the gift of living each day to the fullest to me.

2.The more you see and experience, the more you see each cultures similarities, not differences. That in itself is a mindset change that everyone needs, we are all human, and there is a thread, a connection that we all have, find it, don’t see differences.

3. Never and I mean never, think that you can’t travel because you have kids. Since my parents never took this approach, I never once stopped to think i couldn’t travel with my son, in fact, his first flight was at 4 months. It takes a little more organizing, but it is worth it, you get to see the world from a child’s perspective, and who wouldn’t want to experience that.

4. If you think you can’t because you have a career, you have responsibilities… You can keep on telling yourself that, but it simply means you are afraid. There is nothing wrong with being afraid, just don’t use it as your crutch. Facing those fears and going out and experiencing life through travel, is actually more beneficial to you in the long run, than focussing on the path you are on. Maybe, just maybe you will find a new path that makes you whole.

5. Creating a life surrounded by things will never make anyone happy. Surrounding yourself with people you have collected over experiences gives you a much more rewarding and richer life, because you have actually lived!

Go out, travel, experience life, don’t hide!

Dip Kid


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