5 Reasons you should visit a grocery store when you travel

I am obsessed with going to grocery stores. My husband jokes about it, I seriously have to visit one everywhere we go. I am not sure if it has something to do with me having to do it by necessity when I was growing up, or that I just love learning about culture through people’s eating habits. There is some fabulous people watching that can be done in one, and great things you can learn.

  1. You find things that you have never seen in a grocery store before. Yeah, Fondant is not something I have ever seen anywhere.


2. Random pickings game. Pick 5 things that you don’t understand, just for the sake of trying them out. We did this in Greece, my husband and I went into the grocery store, picked 5 things each that looked cool, but had no idea what it said, and voila, had a picnic. We discovered 2 things tasted like feet, but then we lucked out on lemon yoghurt, which was AMAZING!!!

3. Taking your child to the grocery store when traveling makes food way more fun. For our picky eater, he picks out stuff, and then has to try it, and must finish at least one item. This kid has eaten the strangest cheeses without any problem. I can’t get him to play this game at home though…details. IMG_4472

4. It gives you the ability to learn the local dialect. I have often times gone in using a word for food that is in my dictionary, and discovered that the locals use a different word all together.

5. You get a fun taste of what and how locals shop for. In North America, one buys in bulk, in most European countries they buy things for meals that day. When we lived in Asia, we ate at stalls a lot, even at school we didn’t typically bring a lunch.

When you travel, do you go into the grocery store?

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