5 Travel Essentials

O.K, so after traveling for a month, and using these items, I am now a converted believer.

I bought a Lesportsac Deluxe Bag. I have never had a purse that was so light, easy to pack if necessary, stuff with so many day essentials, and wash in the bathtub with a sunscreen bottle explodes in the heat! I do now, and I don’t think I will ever go back to another purse again, unless I find something that tops this bag.

deluxe everyday bag

Eos Lip Balm


Coconut Oil – I put some in a small tub. It stayed in solid form, and I was able to slather it on my face, neck and hands during a 15 hour flight. It was a lifesaver.

coconut oil

I packed 3 of these in my carry on. I know it is weird, but it was really handy when we got stuck in the airport with nothing open, but McDonald’s.


I bought this sweater, as it is Merino wool. I love Merino wool anything, but this sweater was fun and very versatile.





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