5 Travel Tips from a Diplomat

Over the years, and after many many frequent flier points, there are a few things I grew up knowing:

1. Always wear comfortable shoes while on a plane. Anyone who says you should dress in high heels has obviously never made an emergency landing, and had to slide down the inflatable raft.

2. Always always go to the washroom when you pass a clean one, because you never know when you will find another one.

3. Always carry a roll of toilet paper. This need not to be explained.

4. Always carry an extra shirt, deodorant, and floss. You never know when your suitcase will disappear and not arrive until after your meetings.

5. Never leave home without Gravol! If you have never used it for every stomach ailment on the road, or for catching a few zz’s on an airplane, you haven’t traveled enough, just joking, Seriously, I always have it in my purse.

You’re Welcome,

Dip Kid

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