A blast from the Past

Over the decades, there have been items of fashion that have boggled my mind. I don’t really understand how they became popular.

A Fox Fur wrap… WHY???

The only time I ever saw fur growing up, was a disturbing wrap my Mother had hanging up in her closet, she had inherited it from my Great Grandmother. It didn’t have a head, or paws attached to it, but it scared the bejeezus out of me. There is something rather strange about wearing a dead animal that can stare back at you. My great aunt loved her stole, she wore it often, until a member of PETA found her, and threw red paint on her. I was ever so grateful that she had to give up wearing the animal that resembled my dog around her neck.

Spandex Pants – there is something gloriously hilarious about this. This picture just says it all.

The sad thing is, I had a pair of these. No matter how cool you think they looked, they never did. Plus, they were never that comfortable, and your feet felt like they were on fire, they were so hot!

Doesn’t everyone remember the hilarious his and her Jordache jeans? The high-waisted tight jeans were only flattering if you were a prepubescent 13 year old. 

Tracksuits, loud, obnoxious and come on, there is no fat day in one of these!

Is there a fashion item that still makes you laugh?!

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