A Tour on HMCS Haida

Our nerdy selves finally made it to Hamilton Ontario to take a tour on the HMCS Haida. It was just about the coolest tour possible. It is a floating piece of history that everyone should board at some point.

A National Historic Site, run by Parks Canada check out the website HMCS Haida

If you have the Parks Canada pass for the 150 celebration, it was free admissions on Sunday, which was a bit of a surprise for us. It is well worth the entrance fee if you don’t have the pass!

What sets this apart from other naval sites, you can tour all aspects of the boat, including where the sailors would eat, sleep, work, and fight.

Your child should definitely get a workbook, not only is it engaging and fun, but the kids get a little prize at the end of it!

Of course, my son’s favourite part of the experience, was going deep into the belly of the ship, and checking out the Engine room, where there was a lovely retired Engineer who explained how the system worked.

My inner nerd moment was checking out the communications room.

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