An Ode to The Tough Mudder

This time last year, Tough Mudder was not part of my vocabulary, nor was it a thought that crossed my mind. I have never watched it, or knew anyone who has completed one. Fast forward to January 2018, I got bucked off a horse in Costa Rica, and was lying down on the bed of our apartment hopped up on a muscle relaxant. I had been working out on and off, but was still struggling and facing demons – mainly, myself.

Somewhere over the last couple of years, I completely lost my confidence, and my sense of myself. I would go to the gym, workout, but it just wasn’t working, I just couldn’t feel it. I wasn’t losing weight, I just wasn’t into it. As I lay there, unable to move, I thought, well, lets start working towards something. Lets take action.

So, I did. I told my husband that I wanted an adventure, I wanted to work hard towards something I have never done before. I saw a friend post that they had just completed the Tough Mudder in Asia… I reached out to him, and asked what it was. He said not to worry about it, to sign up, and just have fun training. So, I signed my husband and I together. We didn’t look at the challenges, instead, we just went to basics. Began to clean eat, train and just have fun.

I started working out hard, lifting weights, feeling strength that I haven’t felt in years. Weight started coming off, confidence started going up, and I just started to feel really good. Saturday, September 15th, the day of the race, came quickly. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be ready physically, but I knew I was ready mentally. My husband and I planned to start and finish together. No matter what, we were going to get through it together. We were going to have fun with it.

Our start time was 10:30, we clearly had no idea what was going on, but hugged, and started running when we were told to run.

10 miles, 20 challenges for the Full. What had I gotten myself into.

There was mud, a lot of mud. I don’t like mud, but I knew the moment I stepped into it, I just had to get over it. There I was, the girl who has never joined a race, never thought about voluntarily jumping in mud. I crawled, jumped, rolled, climbed and made my way through side by side with my hubs. I began stopping at every challenge, and turn to help others up and over, cheering perfect strangers on.  Who was I becoming? I was smiling like a fool the whole time. Time stood still in the extreme heat of the day.

We watched some teams fall apart, some couples who started with us, began to yell at each other, cracking under the pressure, competition began taking over their being. It was watching like watching the journey of marriage and friendship. Those who decided to fight, to not think of their partner, will end up pushing each other away, not working through the pain to help each other. As my heels began showing signs of losing skin, we slowed down, walking, talking and holding hands. We didn’t care, the journey was enjoyable.

I kept turning to the love of my life, holding his hand. Watching him help others, help me, keeping his cool, realizing his own strengths.

While I only complete 18 of the 20 challenges, my husband completed all 20. We crushed our own doubts on that course, we crushed all of our negativity about ourselves and left it on that course that day.

We crossed that finish line together. Me without skin left on my heels, but with smiles on our faces.

We plan on doing it next year! Want to join us?!

Dip Kid

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