Some of us who have grown up in this strange Diplomatic world have held onto ANGER.

Diplomatic kids know that everyone is watching them, you might find this odd, but think about kids who are famous, they have everything documented by photos, Diplomatic kids have everything documented with hushed whispers and years of gossip.

Hushed whispers are the worst of them all, as a kid you will do anything to not have adults judge your every move, so you learn to calculate, and filter everything you say at school and around other embassy kids. Not being able to show how you feel, results in build up.

Where does that anger go? It just build, until one day someone accidentally drops a pencil the wrong way, and anger rips out of you like a tsunami, you cry, and run to the washroom. incidents in International school were normal, we knew the anger was part of the package, we always pretended it didn’t happen.

How a parent can help? Let them vent their feelings, including able to express how much they hate their parents vocation, or are bothered by aspects of the new culture and country they are living in. It is extremely important to really talk, and to actively listen.

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