At the End of the Day


My Father’s favourite saying of all time was “at the end of the day…” it was a saying I heard almost daily, and it drove me nuts. I would roll my eyes, and walk away from the conversation, never really, truly paying attention to what my Father was actually trying to say to me, or to anyone for that matter. I just heard it so often, I would simply zone out as soon as I heard them, thinking it was another philosophical conversation.

During a quiet moment, I heard my Father’s voice repeating those exact words “at the end of the day…”  everything slowed down, I could feel my breath, my heart beat, my mind cleared, and I realized, just how precious time really is.

We are always told how quickly time passes, and how very precious every moment can be. Some of us have short stays on earth, some have very long ones, and some of us make huge footprints on millions, and some, only a few hundred. No matter how big, or how small, the bigger question “how do you want people to see you and what you have done at the end?

I had never really paid attention to that saying, or what it really meant in the contexts my Father used it in. Today, I am viewing it as feeding my soul, planning the next adventure, and moving forward with a book I have been scared to finish, because I will ultimately have to do something with it. All these crazy stories that I write about, need to be told, even if it is just for my family to read, because somehow, when I tell them, people are a little shocked that they are true stories.

So, I leave you with this: I can’t do anything about yesterday, and I can’t worry about tomorrow, just have to focus on what to do today to make tomorrow better.

Dip Kid

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