In the strange world of Diplomacy, there are an amazing amount of titles. They go from the ridiculous to the insane. To an outsider, they are taken quite seriously, people are always afraid of not using the right title, and at what time. An Ambassador is called Excellency, rather archaic, as many Ambassador’s are not …

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The Bikini

 via  After a couple of months in a new country, you find a strange groove, you embrace the new, but you cling onto the strangest of strange in the old. One morning I was handed an itinerary, and a travel form. I looked down, I wasn’t sure I was reading it correctly, but it was …

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An Apple

  “what are you eating? asked Patti “An apple” I replied “You are healthy” said Patti I shrugged it off. Ate my apple and ran to the bathroom. The water had been turned off, and the toilets were clogged. It was 2 days into my new school. I looked at my watch, 12:30, ugh, 2 …

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