Boarding School Nightmares

I made peace with my time in a crazy, far off, country styled boarding school, but sometimes, I have nightmares about being there again.

You know that crazy list of minorities that comes out every year for a school, the one that lists the kids who are from far off countries. You don’t. Well, let me shed some light onto it. There are 250 kids, 25 are from far off countries, the other 225 are from the home base. Let’s be real, out of those 25 kids, only 10 are of visible minorities, the other 15 of us, are actually WASP looking kids, who happen to be 3rd culture kids.

So when I looked at the data the year I had come into the school, I was the only kid who happened to be from Venezuela. Now, I know how to speak Spanish, but I wasn’t exactly born there, and I am pretty sure my passport said otherwise, and my parents weren’t posted to Venezuela…

For 2 days, I did a little survey, I asked every kid where they were from, and where they lived, and what passport they held.

I discovered, the school’s little “mistake”, was really their way of padding their “visible minority” c.v to potential students and parents. Afterall, the school was/is a business. Only problem, I was not Venezuelan.

My Father, being a man of sound body, decided to call the school and get angry. He felt it was wrong to put me into a minority category, when I was clearly not Venezuelan, and he wasn’t even posted there.

So the next year, I was Brazilian.

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