Boarding School

I often get asked “why did you go to boarding school, and did you like it?”

So, I guess that is a fair 2 part questions.

So here is the story behind why I headed to boarding school, it kinda came down to one very close call, there were other close calls, but this one is the only reason my parents knew of.


Boarding school for me, and for most Diplomatic Kids is really difficult. I had been out of my birth country for so long, I didn’t really know or understand the nuances of my birth culture. What made it worse, I was sent to a tiny little school in the country. Picture a tiny school, full of hockey and rugby loving people. Some, had never been out of the country. I had never seen a hockey or a rugby game, ever. Nor did I understand country living, which, has a completely different culture than the city. To top it all off, the school had been an all boys school, but had become coed 5 years before I enrolled in the school.

For 2 years, I suffered from reverse culture shock. There were only 3 of us whose parents were posted abroad, and there were only 5 kids who were from other countries. I was kind of in a very Anglo-Saxon kinda hell.

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