Can I marry my Juicer

About 2 years ago, I purchased a Juicer, and read a couple of interesting books, and no, I won’t name them. I was a little skeptical of juicing my veggies, after all, I thought I was extremely healthy and ate plenty of leafy greens.

I began with a wild concoction of cucumber, spinach, apples, pineapple,ginger, lemon, and celery + blended avocado. It was so good, and addictive, that I now don’t drink any caffeine and instead drink this green cocktail, I even juice and wake up at 4am and bring it in a travel mug when on the road:

photo (64)

I am not a proponent of diets, nor am I on going on detox, juice cleanses etc. Through this juice, I was able to get my tot to start eating veggies…

celery, beetroot, and apples


Apple, carrot, red cabbage


The recipes have been endless, and every single one, has been slurped up by a very happy 3-year-old! I cannot get over the difference in eating habits we have managed to encourage in our child, he helps prepare the juices, and asks for certain ones with his lunch or dinner. The truth is, if it weren’t for many of these, my child’s diet would be nothing but starch and very white!

Have you tried juicing?

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