I have been thinking about him a lot lately, his story, his words, everything about him, in fact, every once in a while, when I feel angry, I think of him. You see, a long time ago, when I was in grade 10, we had to read Anne Frank, if you haven’t read it, you …

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An Ode to 10 Years

  Growing up, I used to watch my parents kiss goodbye and hello, everyday, no matter what argument they had. My Father constantly told us the story of how he wooed my Mother, how he knew instantly she was the one. They cried together, fought hard, and loved each other until the very end. When …

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Helmet Head

There I was, sitting in my hairdressers hot seat, chatting away with a cup of tea in hand, as he began chopping my hair. I had been going to the same salon and hairstylist for a couple of years, I was pretty loyal to him. As we chatted about work and stress, I began telling …

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Lady’s Chair

The chair that started it all. Long ago, when we moved back to Ottawa from Mexico, we lived close to my Auntie Jean. She was my grandmother’s sister. She was perfect in her 5 foot frame, and navy blue pleated skirt with matching blazer and tam, her hair was always perfectly curled, and she always …

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Friday Fun: Lego

O.K. Do you like Lego? Obviously it is a yes, cause it is just fun! Check out this Instagram feed from a 6 year old kid. Check out his Instagram Feed at RUSSKULLB and follow him! Let’s see if we can help him get discovered by Lego.   Please follow and like us:


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