Continuation from Deserted Island So there we were sitting on piles of white sand, joking we should have brought our sleeping bags as it seemed we were going to sleep with the crabs on the beach. I listened to my Father and Mr. Dube going back and forth, getting angrier and angrier, not sure who to …

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Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald was before my time, but if you grew up in Asia, her movies hit the theatres 10 years later – that is no joke. I lived in an 80’s time warp. Molly Ringwald movies played a pretty important role in my life, they were the first english speaking movies I ever watched (bootlegged …

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  So, when this story broke about Donald Trump’s lewd conversation on a bus, I thought “not really surprised. just disgusted”. I just couldn’t quite put my feelings into words… But this piece, this is what all woman are thinking on this matter. This is the Vagina Monologue of all monologues. Samantha Bee uses a lot of Potty …

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Inspiration today

Good morning, It has been an extremely stressful week, no sleep, lots of excercise to keep my anxiety down, and extreme heat, along with a lot of hours at work. So this morning, I decided to sit and stare at my quote wall. Please follow and like us:

Fiction #5

Continuation from Fiction #4 As I began to dig in, my blackberry started going. I looked down, shit, I had an emergency at the High Commission. I knew what it was about, but the e-mail was vague, with no secure line, how else would they let me know. I quickly scrambled to my feet, grabbed …

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It’s all about Doors

My obsession with doors continues, this time, vibrant and bright doors, making me imagine the lives and history behind each! For more door love, check out Door or Art, Doors and of course Door #3, Via Via Via via Please follow and like us:


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