Culture Shock


When I find a book that is this good, I must share! This is not a typical cottage light read, but is a must read regardless. As someone who often writes about PTSD, and the strangeness that is the Diplomatic Tribe. Sebastion Junger so eloquently puts a focus on the human need to be part …

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At some point during my youth, my parents thought it was a great idea to introduce the family to the great outdoors. My Mother had grown up with a cottage, and my Father, well, he grew up having had some pretty wild adventures. I guess they thought that we needed them too.  After 6 years …

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My first days at boarding school were a blur of tears and panic. I would quietly make my way to the shared bathroom in the girls dorm, and weep in a stall. It was one of the most isolating times of my life. Usually when going through culture shock, I had the privacy of my …

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Your Story

For the longest time, I hid the fact that I was a Diplomatic Kid, I was either embarrassed, or somehow people made me feel like I lived a life of privilege. I am here it say, not sure why I was ever embarrassed, as my Father is one of my hero’s, and I definitely didn’t …

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When I started this blog, I was fortunate to have saved every journal in my life. Which has guided my pieces on experiences in my past. Since I was a kid, I have journaled, chronicling the happy times, the culture shock and the crazy travels. I think it is important to journal, and to be able …

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Diplomatic Immunity – it is one of the first things I hear every single time I tell someone about one of my childhood experiences “Well, if something goes wrong, you always have diplomatic immunity…” By the time I was 11, my Father had already started drilling into me the consequences of doing or carrying drugs …

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