Culture Shock

The Kiss

I was outside of Spanish class, waiting patiently for my teacher. I looked around, I didn’t see any familiar faces, after all, I had only been there for 2 weeks, absolutely nothing looked familiar. Then I saw him, Patrick, he walked swiftly down the hall, I caught his gaze, I smiled, happy to see someone familiar. …

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Life Mantra

There have been many sayings and quotes that have been stuck in my head over the years, but non seem to ring truer than this one: Many times as a Diplomatic kid, I thought I was being rejected, whether it be from a situation, a play, moving or not making a sports team. It is …

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Some of us who have grown up in this strange Diplomatic world have held onto ANGER. Diplomatic kids know that everyone is watching them, you might find this odd, but think about kids who are famous, they have everything documented by photos, Diplomatic kids have everything documented with hushed whispers and years of gossip. Hushed …

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Kids are resilient

Yeah, that is my least favourite excuse parents or adults make. After every move, Diplomats will cryptically discuss their kids and the difficulties they have adjusting to their new surroundings, each parent will then nod and say “Don’t worry, kids are resilient.” As a kid who not only heard this line, but also bought into …

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Mr. X

Over years of travel, there have been a blur of teachers, and only a handful standout. One in particular was an American geography teacher at an International school in Asia. His name, Mr. X (I changed his name for privacy reasons). One of the greatest things about International schools, no subject is off-limits, and most …

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Fish Eggs

It is all about food, is it not? When you move around all the time, you learn a great deal about your own taste buds. The number 1 rule in my house growing up was “You have to try everything once, before declaring your dislike of something”. At the age of 10, we were all …

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Languages 101

In the span of 15 years, I somehow learned and lost 6 languages, and yes you do lose languages. Governments don’t give language lessons to spouses or kids, even though, in reality, they actually need it more. I spent hours in front of the t.v. and reading magazines in other languages, you would be surprised …

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It is quiet, dark, and one can hear every single creak in the house, to every snowflake, rain drop, or wind gust outside. That amazing hour that you are completely alone with your thoughts and fears. When it first starts, you wonder what is wrong with you, desperately tossing and turning to find that comfortable …

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