Let’s talk about stuff!I Do you feel happy in your living space? I never did. From the start of the time my husband and I began living together, we somehow inherited stuff. My Mother would show up with a painting or a carpet, with a story, and somehow I had to be grateful that …

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Pineapple Squared

Yup, I am back with more Pineapple love! Remember my last 2 posts Pineapple Love, and More Pineapple love, well, I found more pineapples and they are awesome. Via  Via Via Via Please follow and like us:


I love spending a little time on Pinterest with a cup of tea, on a rainy morning, and find cool inspiration. Look at what these fantastic people did with boring stairs!! I love this, books, books, books! Via Via Via Please follow and like us:

The Walk In

You might have noticed from a previous post, that that I have Closet Envy sometimes. Via Via O.K. so I will admit, I had one, a long time ago, in a house that did not belong to us, in a land that I still hold dear to my heart. It was gorgeous, there were double doors …

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Old School Phones

Long before the days of cell phones and text messages, young teenagers actually wanted their own phone lines, and telephones. These were all the cool phones we all wanted, ok, maybe just some of us! Swatch Phone Via Please follow and like us:

Defining Roots

My Father and I never talked about him dying when he was diagnosed with cancer. We just avoided the conversation. In many ways, I felt, he knew he was going to die, and he was at peace with it. I remember vividly, one conversation we had, when I was about 15. We were spending 2 …

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Floor Transitions

After living in some pretty odd spaces over the years, I have become rather obsessed with interesting floor transitions. There is something simple, yet unique and artistic that can come with using different floor for spaces that are open. via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:

White Wash

I have a slight obsession with white washed floors, it might be due to the amount of beach vacations I have been fortunate to have in far off places, but it just makes me happy! Via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:


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