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Neck Lines

O.K. I stumbled on this, and just thought “there are that many?” If you are anything like me, and have had to wear a suit everyday for work for years, and before that, a uniform. This might be a surprise… who knew that dresses, not just wedding dresses, came in so many different necklines! Via …

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Weighted Issue

Via It has taken me more than 30 years, to finally figure out, and admit, that I had been fighting a war with myself. From birth, I was taught that my life revolved around my Father’s career. I learned to sit with my legs crossed, standup when someone else enters the room, to write thank …

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Marilyn Monroe

No matter what country I have visited, or have lived in, some how, Marilyn Monroe has been the one Hollywood’s Star that everyone seems to know. I have always found this a curious thing, I never grew up watching any of her movies, and when I finally found a  movie of hers, I wasn’t that …

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Advanced Style

At this time, I am still away, and crossing my fingers that this blog post actually gets published on the right date! It is no secret that I love style, fashion, and an international vibe. It was a recent documentary, however, that has inspired me. Advanced Style, brings beauty, fashion and spirit to a whole …

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Travel Outfits

I can’t tell you how many times I have been stumped as to what to wear traveling. You think with all of my experience I would be better at it, but nope, not at all. I like getting ideas from others! Cool travel outfit ideas Via Via   Please follow and like us:


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