Fiction #9

continued  from Fiction #8* I had never felt this new, this shiny and different I stuck out, I didn’t dress like anyone, I had a plain t-shirt and jeans on, my hair was pulled back in a bun, I hadn’t worn makeup since the service in Manila, my eyes were permanently puffy, raw and tired. …

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Fiction #8

Continuation from Fiction #7 I boarded that flight from Manila to Hong Kong, my head held high, the cool recycled air was welcoming compaired to the sticky humidity I was leaving. I took my seat, and stared out the window. I was alone, so very alone and absolutely terrified. Nothing over the last week seemed …

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Fiction #7

Continued from Fiction#6 That evening I went home, packed quickly and hoped on the train. I was only going an hour out of London, what was the country, was actually a suburb now. I got off the train and took the local cab to the house. There it was, it hadn’t changed, a great big …

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Fiction #6

continuation from Fiction #5 I had run for an hour, while blasting music in my ears, the alone time at that hour was amazing. I got off, ran upstairs, and hoped into the shower, put a fresh suit on, heels, put my hair up in a bun, grabbed a bagel from the fridge and I was …

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Fiction #5

Continuation from Fiction #4 As I began to dig in, my blackberry started going. I looked down, shit, I had an emergency at the High Commission. I knew what it was about, but the e-mail was vague, with no secure line, how else would they let me know. I quickly scrambled to my feet, grabbed …

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Fiction #4

A continuation from Fiction #3 Sitting there in silence, at the bar eating Fish and Chips, listening to William’s chatter, it was like we were 10 again, and no time had past. There was something so comforting, and yet brought incredible sadness. His life didn’t change that morning, mine forever changed, there was a part …

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Fiction #3

Continuation from Fiction #2 William sat me down, ordered me fish and chips. My colleagues left me alone, knowing that eventually they will be caught up in the story, eventually. Heck, everyone at the department knew the basics of my story, it was never a secret. However, few knew the one man that ended up …

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Fiction #2

Read the first part here Continuation Seeing him through the window, made every last memory flud through. I hadn’t seen him since I was 16, when I had to leave the Philippines, and live with my Aunt. We tried keeping in touch, but by 18, we each had our own lives. He was my past, …

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I was good at forgetting the past, shaking off what I didn’t want to remember. I just couldn’t shake this, I stood paralysed, not knowing what to do. I stared at him through the glass. I never thought I would end up seeing him, I had so carefully filed these memories away. I stood frozen, …

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