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10 Questions You Should Answer Before Joining the Foreign Service

I love asking former colleagues of my Father’s and mine the one question “Why did you become a Diplomat?” the answers have always varied, some are funny “I just thought I could meet more exotic women if I became a diplomat”, which always made me laugh, to “I wanted to be part of changing the …

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Mong Nardo

I will never forget his smile, or his way of tapping you on the shoulder and calling you “buddy”. When we arrived in the Philippines, this lovely 60 + year old, became our personal driver. Mong Nardo, a personality that was bigger and happier than sunshine, his happiness and pride hit you square on, and …

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The Wall

He turned and said “Everything is different, Diplomacy will never be the same again.” My Father and I were sitting on the couch, watching the one symbol that summed up my Father’s career. The Berlin Wall. I watched grainy footage of various long lost family members embracing, crying, laughing, reuniting after an excruciating separation by …

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Full Circle

I am not sure why I decided to say yes, it had been a struggle to get my life back on track after my Father’s death, but there I was, in the building I named “the chocolate cake” when I was a kid. The ugliest building in architectural history, a ghastly chocolate-brown building, that looked …

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