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  It was hot and sticky, the condensation was building on my bedroom windows quickly that water began to pool at the bottom of the windows. I could see the city outside of my windows, and the barbed wire fence around our property, were pitch black. The city was experiencing another black out. The brownouts …

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Birthday Vote

I never know, should I celebrate, can I still grieve, do I hide, how does one mark this occasion? Today, would have been my Father’s 72 birthday. If he was still alive, he probably would be golfing somewhere in the world, and consulting on the side, he would never have stopped working fully, nor would …

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I had woken up early to finish writing a paper on British colonial history, I always had the t.v turned onto the news. I had grown up with the news on constantly, it was comforting as I sat at my small table typing away, drinking coffee. I slipped out of the room, and came back, …

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