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Stepping Out

It is a strange and rather twisted thought. The moment I realized that for over 30 years, I was attached to the Foreign Service, and had never felt like myself. The realization that the one thing I was addicted to, was actually hurting me. I never slept, I had odd reactions to simple tasks, and …

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Not many kids can say that a major part of family dinner conversation was about politics, and the right to vote. My parents were avid debaters, obviously, my Father was a pretty incredible negotiator, in fact, he was so good at it, you didn’t realize you had agreed to something until you were shaking hands, …

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The Box

It is always difficult to articulate, but with a very strange preconceived notion of what a Diplomat is defined as, and seen as by the outside world, the inner sanctum of the Diplomatic world becomes even stranger and boxed in. Here is what I grew up with: My Father was always worried about our safety …

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MIA Passport

I think everyone remembers that feeling of flying alone for the first time, that freedom, excitement and sense of adventure. There was an amazing blanket of snow on the ground, our little school had Christmas on the brain, and that feeling of being able to go home was palpable. I couldn’t wait to break out …

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Heat Wave

That glorious moment came, everyone said it would eventually come. My boss came into my office, and said “You are going to Paris.” I thought I had died, and gone to heaven. My first business trip, and first time to Paris. Who wouldn’t love that combo. I spent hours, late nights, preparing documents, getting the …

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In the strange world of Diplomacy, there are an amazing amount of titles. They go from the ridiculous to the insane. To an outsider, they are taken quite seriously, people are always afraid of not using the right title, and at what time. An Ambassador is called Excellency, rather archaic, as many Ambassador’s are not …

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