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Lady’s Chair

The chair that started it all. Long ago, when we moved back to Ottawa from Mexico, we lived close to my Auntie Jean. She was my grandmother’s sister. She was perfect in her 5 foot frame, and navy blue pleated skirt with matching blazer and tam, her hair was always perfectly curled, and she always …

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Love Muffin

The moment I woke up, the pain was spread across my abdomen and down my legs. I cried out, began to throw up and curled up on the cold bathroom floor. It was 4am, I knew I had to wait until the doctor’s office was open at 7am. My husband came in, worried, pacing, and …

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Top 5

This weeks top 5 posts go to… The Art of Discipline Happiness The Airplane Lapdance The Truth 5 Travel Essentials Have a really great weekend everyone! Dip Kid Please follow and like us:

Life Hack

Are you accident prone? Do you spill everything that comes near you? Do you somehow get food on you, even if you haven’t eaten anything? No? It must just be me… I swear, when I travel, something happens, and it is never pretty. So this little fun chart is kinda handy for people like me. …

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