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The Sweater

A long time ago, I listened to Meryn Cadell “The Sweater” after a crazy breakup. The breakup wasn’t actually that bad, but it was this album that made me laugh so hard. The Sweater is one of my all time favourite comedy songs. Just listen to the whole thing, absolutely hilarious and will make your …

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I have been slowly researching and writing out parts of my book, but one thing that I wanted to stress, is finding happiness. Happiness For so many, happiness is just a fleeting moment, a moment of laughter, an afternoon of contentment, it is not a constant state of mind. How sad, because I was once …

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Loneliness “Holding onto Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” – Buddha Having grown up abroad to Diplomatic parents, I am often comfortable in loneliness. When you move every 3 years, and grow up in the strange Diplomatic world, extreme loneliness is the norm, I find some solace in that …

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Carpool Karaoke

Everytime James Corden posts one of these, I am laughing so hard I can feel my abs for days. Adele though, this one is the best one. Happy Friday everyone! Dip Kid Please follow and like us:


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Friday Quote

I am remembering something my Father said long ago, he told me to never gossip, he said it was small of me, and believed that our IQ went down every time you did it. I of course, did not listen to him. As a headstrong teenager, I wasn’t exactly thinking what I was doing was …

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Doggy Love

It is hard to describe my love for dogs, I grew up with one who went on every posting with us. She was my one constant, my companion and my best friend. She was irreplaceable. When my husband and I could finally get a dog, we did. We fell in love, and got the most …

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Excusez Moi

Any time we moved, I dove head first into a new language and would kinda wing it. My accents were always excellent, I could mimic just about anyone and any accent. I just sucked at grammar and well, conjugation. My 9th grade French teacher was a wee bit pretentious. She somehow manged to have an …

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