self implosion

I just never knew that those lessons my Father had been teaching me would end abruptly before my 20th birthday. This is when my world, my only world, was ripped from under me. I was in University for all of 3 weeks, my parents had just been posted back to Ottawa after 3 years of …

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The outsider

Yesterday, I wrote about The Breakdown, this is a sort of continuation. With the last breath, that was it. Our diplomatic lives were yesterday, and now, we had to live for tomorrow. Or that was how I felt at least. My Mother on the other hand, went into full Diplomatic mode. The arranging of my …

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The Breakdown

I came in the door, my Mother looked bug-eyed, her eyes sunken, like she had been hiking in the woods for years and had no sleep or food. Her dressing gown, the silk one, she had from China was tied neatly, her hair birding, like it usually did. It was midnight, the lights were all …

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The Day I Died

Yesterday, I posted about 5 Key Lessons I learned from my Father. The thing is, it was a few short years ago that I had that moment, that I remembered those lessons, and actually began to live them. I was told that the “surgery” was easy, a simple in and out procedure, I would only …

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