Gilmore Girls

O.K is anyone else excited about this? I wanted and still want to live in Stars Hallow…the banter, the copious amounts of coffee… so, while everyone else in the world is getting their Turkey on, or getting ready for Christmas. I will be busy ignoring e-mails, phone calls, and sitting under a blanket with a …

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Crush your head

If you have never heard of Kids in The Hall, well, you need to go back in time and check out their skits…this is by far the funniest skit, I know I was doing this last night during the debates instead of drinking shots like most people. Little known fact. One of the Kids in …

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Zombie Apocalypse

I am so very grateful that there was no such thing as YouTube when I was growing up, I would have been the star of all of my brother’s pranks. This one, is seriously genius. This poor unsuspecting sister gets her wisdom teeth out, and then thinks the zombie Apocalypse has begun!       …

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Bollywood star

When you travel, you tend to somehow get caught in the oddest of odd situations. One Saturday, we packed up very early to head to a golf resort, it was one of the few perks my Father got as an Ambassador, he received free membership, which meant on my Father’s salary, we could actually go …

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