Running Forward

  Moving around was never easy, it came with a lot of baggage and consequences. When people ask “where are you from? or what was your favourite country?” I feel like a whole host of conflicted feelings arise, and I never know how to shut down the conversation before it can even start, because once …

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Continuing a road trip to visit beautiful parts of Ontario… This being streetsville, just a quick Gotrain ride away from downtown Toronto and you are in a whole other world of old world charm!     Please follow and like us:

Maple Syrup time!

What can be more Canadian this time of year, than maple syrup?! Growing up abroad, I have to be honest, I never had any maple syrup, and having always had rice, I never had a pancake! Visiting and learning all about maple syrup didn’t come until my adulthood. Yeah, I know, but what can you …

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