Hoi An, Vietnam

Having got off the plane in the morning, and met our custom’s agent with a gruff nod in Danang Airport. We were met by the kindest hired driver who drove us into Hoi An, were we would be staying for 10 days. The first stop, find food, which was a rather humorous story. Nothing was …

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Every year it seemed, we landed in this beautiful small robust city. We would fly in from Hong Kong, and stay in the down town core, before heading into the mountains to spend the summer with my Grandparents. Without fail, the city dazzled me with its laid back, friendly feel. The architecture was nothing to …

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Deserted Island

We were all enticed by the trip of a lifetime, to play in the sand, and get some sun on a fantastic island. We packed, we organized, we coordinated with our family friends, and we headed to the airport. There it was, a small airplane, sitting on the tarmac, ready for our luggage and our …

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The Golden Arches

When your first 7 years of your life are either in a communist country, where food is scarce, or in a country where you are perpetually sick because it is so dirty, food is not exactly something you get excited about. After living in Mexico city for 3 years, and being sick with EVERYTHING, known …

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