Growing up the way I did, I never really felt attached to one particular place, I never felt grounded or secure. I grew up with the feeling that the rug was always about to be pulled from under me with every posting announcement. I have never gone back to the countries I have lived in …

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This day always seems to come with a twinge of sadness, along with extreme pride. My Father’s Father (my Grandfather), died shortly after I was born, my Father, spoke little of his Father, all I know, is the little information that was scrounged up from the internet and the few historians who have attempted to …

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My fifth birthday arrived with much to celebrate, I remember it vividly, my Father gave me a white handmade dress he had bought on one of his many trips. My bowl cut, had the perfect sun-kissed highlights from all the running around I did, and my sunburnt cheeks would not stop smiling. I was happy, …

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Itchy Feet

It is that time again, 3 years of living in one place, and I am thinking about where to live next. It begins with waking up with a sharp pang of anxiety, and the need to begin to run, and sprint, then it moves to researching new cities, or countries. It is a desperate feeling, …

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