Via I don’t remember many vacations where my Father wasn’t called back to work, in fact, the only time I ever saw him relax was when we went up to a rustic cottage. The rustic cottage was in the woods, on a lake with only a few other cottages, there was no telephone, no electricity, …

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The end of summer is near, and I am reminded of times past. It used to be that as the summer drew to a close, I was always faced with a new country, new school and new language. The few summers I had not thinking about change, were spent visiting family. Visiting family in the …

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The Greatest Speech Ever Made

I try very hard not to lose it when I watch election coverage south of the border.  So here is the most moving nd greatest speech that has ever been made, and is still relevant today. Watch, learn and truly understand this speech. Please follow and like us:

Light and colour

What happens when you have coffee for the first time in 3 years. and it is Friday night… you search Pinterest for some design inspiration. I am so in love with this fantastic white kitchen, with only a hint of colour and texture. Via Via Via Via Please follow and like us:

Oh Canada!

Happy Birthday, Canada! I never felt attached to the country my Father so loyally represented, how could I, I hadn’t spent much time there, and yet, no matter where I was in the world, Canada Day was an emotional and joyful occasion for the rest of the Embassy, but I was still very much detached. …

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Sail Amsterdam

The largest free sailing event in Amsterdam, and it looks absolutely brilliant. The next one is in 2020, and I am thinking, this is definitely where I am going to be that year. via Via   Please follow and like us:


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