My fifth birthday arrived with much to celebrate, I remember it vividly, my Father gave me a white handmade dress he had bought on one of his many trips. My bowl cut, had the perfect sun-kissed highlights from all the running around I did, and my sunburnt cheeks would not stop smiling. I was happy, …

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  So, when this story broke about Donald Trump’s lewd conversation on a bus, I thought “not really surprised. just disgusted”. I just couldn’t quite put my feelings into words… But this piece, this is what all woman are thinking on this matter. This is the Vagina Monologue of all monologues. Samantha Bee uses a lot of Potty …

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Via I don’t remember many vacations where my Father wasn’t called back to work, in fact, the only time I ever saw him relax was when we went up to a rustic cottage. The rustic cottage was in the woods, on a lake with only a few other cottages, there was no telephone, no electricity, …

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The end of summer is near, and I am reminded of times past. It used to be that as the summer drew to a close, I was always faced with a new country, new school and new language. The few summers I had not thinking about change, were spent visiting family. Visiting family in the …

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Having done some incredible hikes around the world, and have had a lot of trial and error when it comes to shoes (I have lost all of my toe nails at one point from ill-fitting boots), this is such a great basic how to. Please follow and like us:


I love finding these packing 101 tips via Of course, I love finding other people who do a packing layout for easy light travel. Via love this via Please follow and like us:


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