Committing to a Sofa = putting down roots

One of the many things I have started to come to terms with, is that I am putting down roots, not burning bridges, and not running away, making new friends, or starting a new job. 2 months ago, we started the process of moving into a smaller house in the same area we were already living in. Our decision was to make our lives simpler, lighter, happier and have the ability to have more experiences, not be weighed down by things. We had made the decision for our son’s sake, and for ours, we were going to put down roots. We are going to learn to have our doors open, have people over, and enjoy what we have in front of us. We purged everything, and I mean everything that did not bring us joy. You can read about my purging adventure here and here.

Once we purged, we had to actually had to think about furniture we loved, and what we were investing in. We had been living and lugging around antiques we had inherited, hated, and couldn’t sit on. We have never actually purchased anything of our own, that cost more than $200.

Having had this on my list and my inspiration board for years, I had no problem going out and buying these Eames Chairs.

Then it came to buying a couch. For 2 months we have been humming an hawing. We want to buy a grownup couch, something that will last more than 2 years, and wasn’t bought at Ikea… no offence to Ikea, but we just want some more personality, something that reflects us. We have looked and sat on every kind of sofa, and I realized something. Committing to an Eames chair was easy. It is light, and easy to pack! The couch, comes with a hefty price tag, and it is an actual committment, it can’t move with us.

I realize that as much as I have enjoyed purging, it has been a strange feeling to know that now I have to think about what I love, and what I want. To create a proper home for family.

This is the couch I was looking at, I keep circling back to it, and yet, I still can’t commit to it.

Maybe, I just need to live with nothing before committing to anything. Who knows, but having been mobile for my whole life, to then putting down roots here, it has been a little bit of a shock.

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