If someone read my future, I never would have believed my path. To a 19-year-old, it would never had made sense.

I sat in our living room, unemployed, graduated with a degree 2 years later than my pears. My live in boyfriend and I had just moved to an incredible walk up which for some reason had been 40 dollars cheaper than our crap apartment close to the bus depot.

I sat on my living room floor, unpacking boxes, and thinking about a job offer I had just received. on a whim, I walked into an office looking for a stylist, and for some reason, I was offered the job on the spot. It floored me. I didn’t think I had any style to win over that interview. Of course, I would take it, I didn’t exactly have anything else lined up, and it sounded really interesting. So, I thought, what the heck!

The next day, a blizzard was taking place outside. I had gotten up with my boyfriend who went off to work, and I sat in my living room and sipped on tea. I thought instead of calling the office to accept the position, why not get ready and go there in person. The snow was really coming down, but I began to get ready anyway. The phone rang, I thought it was too early for much, it just turned 9am. I picked up the phone, and on the other end was a job offer for Foreign Affairs. I had a job interview so long ago, I thought the job was long gone.

I was at a fork in the road. Instantly, I took Foreign Affairs. In many regards, I look back on that moment and wish I had picked the stylist job, as I would eventually go towards something way more creative, but at that point, Foreign Affairs was my destiny, I had to go.

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