Diaper Bum

saggy pants

My hours were pretty long, I woke up at 5:30 to head to the gym, workout, get ready at the gym, and head to the office for 12 hours. I had perfected putting on makeup and doing my hair in short order in the corner of the bathroom at the gym.

I didn’t notice much around me, for a year, I had the same small rotation of clothes, I didn’t exactly have time to shop, nor did I notice my wardrobe. My husband, then live in boyfriend, never really noticed either, but we were in the same boat, starting out, and working hard.

One day as I walked into the bathroom, one of my favourite women was standing there staring at me. You might have read about her, Lucy (check out the other post here). She stared at me, I smiled said hello, did my business and came back out to wash my hands. She was waiting, staring at me.

Lucy “hon, when was the last time you saw yourself from behind?”

Me “What? Probably never.”

Lucy “Sweetie, you have lost so much weight that now you have diaper bum. You are starting to look like a sad white girl rapper.”

I hadn’t noticed, my pants were 2 sizes too big and were drooping down so badly from behind, it looked like I was wearing a pair of diapers underneath!

I laughed, and told her I had been so nervous this whole year that I hadn’t been eating as much as I should, and that I hadn’t thought about my wardrobe. We had a good chuckle, she told me to go out and buy a couple of suits that fit me.

I came home showed my boyfriend just how saggy my pants were, we couldn’t stop laughing. How did we manage to not notice?! We headed out for an emergency shopping trip, no one needs to walk around with diaper pants on!

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